Achari America Yatra Review

Achari America Yatra Review

Movie : Achari America Yatra

Director : G Nageswara Reddy

Producer : Kirthi Chowdary and Kittu

Banner: Padmaja Pictures

Music: S Thaman

Starring: Manchu Vishnu, Brahmanandam, Pragya Jaiswal

Release Date: 27th April 2018

Rate: 2.5/5

Manchu  Vishnu who has delivered a series of flop movies like Dynamite, Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam, Luckunnodu, is pinning lot of hopes on Achari America Yatra. The movie has hit the theaters today on 27th April.  Directed  by G Nageswara Reddy and jointly produced by Kirthi Chowdary and  Kittu, under the banner of Padmaja Pictures. The movie also starring Brahmanandam and Pragya Jaiswal.

 Story:  A group of Pandit headed by Appalacharya (Brahmanandam) and his lieutenant  Krishnamacharya (Vishnu Manchu) perform homam at the house of Raju ( Pradeep Rawat). Later  the senior most member of the house (Kota Srinivas   Rao) passes away due to the fire emanating from the homam. So the family members of Raju blame the pandits for  his death. To escape them, Appalacharya  and  Krishnamacharya plan  to fly  USA.  What happens next?  What is the main reason behind their run away to USA? To get these answers one should watch the movie on silver screen.

Plus Points:

  • Manchu Vishnu
  • Brahmanandam
  • Cinematography

 Minus Points: ·        

  • Predictable storyline
  • Screenplay
  • Editing
  • Illogical scenes
  • Direction

Performance:  Vishnu Manchu plays his  role with ease.  He entertains with his carefree body language, comedy  and  performance skills. Pragya Jaiswal  is  fine as female lead.  Brahmanandam has made sure that few scenes are hilarious with his perfect comedy timing. Anoop Singh Thakur, Kota Sreenivas Rao, Pradeep Rawat, Praveen, Prudhvi , Posani, Prabhas Sreenu and others perform accordingly.

Technical: The first credit in technical departments of the film goes to the excellent Cinematography work. The movie is shot at the various beautiful locations of USA.  The Screenplay of the film is not interesting.  The story and climax  of AAY goes on predictable terms. Production values by Padmaja Pictures are grand. The music by Thaman Music is good. Background music is average.  The editing is below  par and could be better.  There are many drags in this film that  test the patience of the audience. G Nageswara Reddy should have work on  the script before going to sets.

 Analysis:  The taste of  the movie lovers  are changing in the past  few years and they are not looking for similar stories.  G Nageswara Reddy has done a very disappointing job with the film. Routine story-line, illogical scenes, predictable narration and  poor dialogues are the biggest drawbacks.