Amala Paul sold her Mercedes and used cycle

Amala Paul
Amala Paul

The bold and beautiful actress Amala Paul is basking in the glory of her recently released woman centric movie Aadahi/ Aame, which is running successfully at the box office. Recently she attended an interview and talked about the special person in her life, and her experience of filming Aadai. Amala Paul also talked about why she sold out her Mercedes.

Amala Paul said, “I was 17 when I entered into the film industry. I knew nothing. When my marriage failed, I could not handle it. I felt that I was alone. I wanted to run away. It was painful. In 2016, I went on Himalayan trip that changed my approach towards life. After the 4 days of trekking, I emptied everything. I lived without a mobile phone and slept in tents. After this trip, I stopped feeling the emptiness.”

Amala Paul added, “I live a simple life in Puducherry. I spend Rs 20,000 per month and sold my Mercedes. I used cycle to buy household items. I wanted to stay in Himalayas. But it was difficult, so I chose Puducherry. I stopped visiting parlours. I did not go to beauty parlor for pedicure or manicure. I just use multani mitti and green gram paste on my face. “

Amala Paul also talked about Aadai and said, “ Aadai came to me when I was about to quit the movies.”

She concluded it by saying that the failed marriage opened her eyes.