BJP Minister caught red handed

BJP Minister caught red handed

BJP Tripura minister Monoj Kanti Deb was caught red handed on camera groping a woman ministerial colleague on stage during Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s rally in Agartala.  Now a video of same is going viral on social media sites and grabbing the attention of many.

In the leaked video,  Tripura minister Monoj Kanti Deb is seen putting his hand in the waist of Social Welfare and Social Education Minister Santana Chakma in an indecent manner. The young tribal leader Santana Chakma is seen quickly pushing away the BJP minister Monoj Kanti Deb’s hand.

On Monday, the Left Front had demanded that Tripura minister Manoj Kanti Deb be sacked for ‘touching the lady minister in an indecent manner’ during the public meeting  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally) on Saturday.

Left Front convener Bijan Dhar said, “BJP Leader Monoj Kanti Deb must be sacked and be arrested for touching the lady minister in an extremely indecent manner in front of public.” He also added that in the video, Manoj Kanti Deb was seen putting his hand around the lady’s waist.”

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dismissed the demand  and the lady has also dismissed the allegations. She said, “Monoj Kanti Deb was only trying to get ahead of her to get a better view of the prime minister Narendra Modi. “

BJP spokesman Nabendu Bhattacharjee said, “The woman minister Santana Chakma has never made any complaint on the issue raised by the Left parties. Why are the Left parties doing the dirty politics.”