Chidambaram responds to Modi’s birthday wishes!

P Chidambaram
Chidambaram responds to Modi’s birthday wishes!

Everyone is aware of P Chidambaram who is lodging in the Tihar jail under the INX Media corruption case. From jail, Chidambaram had told that he would be committed to serving people, once he is done with the harassment by the probing agencies.

On getting to the details it was known that on the occasion of his birthday,

the former Union minister has received greetings letter to his village address, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the short letter that was written in Tamil, Modi greeted Chidambaram on his birthday which was on September 16th. Modi further wished him to continue serving people. In response to Narendra Modi, Chidambaram asked his family to share his views on his behalf on his social networking Twitter as, “I have asked my family to tweet on my behalf the following: Dear Mr. Prime Minister Modi, Pleasantly surprised to receive your greetings on my birthday (sent to my village address and forwarded to me)”.

He also said, “as you have wished, I want to continue to serve the people”.

“Unfortunately, your investigating agencies have prevented me from doing so. Once the present harassment ends, I shall be back among the people that both you and I are committed to serving,” Chidambaram further added.