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Cute and Funniest interview with Tiktok star and Singer Madhoo

Cute and Funniest interview with Tiktok star and Singer Madhoo
Cute and Funniest interview with Tiktok star and Singer Madhoo

If we had made interview with any cine celebrities it might be more like question to answer format irrespective of casual interaction with us, but when we had made interview with MADHU well-known in social media platform like “Tiktok” , the interview is fully loaded with funny elements inspite of regular once.

Irrespective of that she is a multi talented women as she is a ” Singer ” , ” Actress” too where she acted in recent tollywood films which will be mentioned in below.


When we started questioning to her, she used to reply them with a comical touch , that justifies her passion towards her carrier. The interview questions are as follows

1) Would you like to tell us about your schooling life or college life ?

“Just Like everyone i too completed schooling ” And have habituated to singing , drama performance , sports and extra curricular activities , but good at studies too.

2) What is the reaction of your parents when you aimed to film industry ?

My Parents are favourable to me, as i well settled by doing job in US. Firstly My mother opposed me but slowly she agreed with my decision.

3) What are the struggles you have faced at the initial stages of your carrier ?

Basically i haven’t faced too many struggles as we are well settled and my first album was produced by myself which are entitled as ” Yo Baby ” and ” Desi Girl ” by gaining good response, i have got film offers including 5 Television shows out of which TV 5 ( Pillala Majaka ) and Star maa ( Laughter challenge startup comedy show as a comedian) gave boostup to my carrier ,besides Anchoring too.

4) Who is your inspiration to become Singer ?

Every singer might have a special album in their carrier and to me all singers are equal.

5) Is your life ambition Film industry itself ? You have got few film offers can you mention them ?

Ya, to be honest i wanted to become a very good female comedian in telugu film industry. Besides that i have made a special appearances in films like ” 24 kisses ” ,” Melo Evaru Koteshwarudu “, ” ABCD” out of which in 24 kisses film i got a full length good role as a lead’s boss.

6) Which director had given chance to you for the first time by having trust on you ?

I would like to mention ” pavan sadineni ” who is the director of ” Prema ishq kadhal ” and ” bekkam venugopal “garu for having trust in me.

7) Can you mention your favourite holiday spots ?

I would like to visit a place so called ” BAHAMAS ” where i wanted to spent my happy moments.

8) What are your life time achievements ?

I have achieved few best awards as a best pop singer and and felicitated so many times in US as ” MULTI TALENTED MADHU ” , but i wanted to achieve best female comedian award in telugu films and to do live comedy standup shows.

9) How would you like to replicate yourself after a decade ?

My only moto is to see myself as one of the ” Leading female comedian ” in industry.

10) Who are your favourite Actors and Actresses ?

I would like to mention my guruji “Bramhanandam ” garu , he is my inspiration.
Besides that i like ” Pawan kalyan ” garu as an actor and his humanity. In actresses i would like to mention ” Anushka shetty ” as she is very good person whether it may be onscreen or off screen including social responsibilities too.

11) What are your hobbies ?

Most of my hobbies includes making “Tiktok Videos ” , ” Singing ” and enjoying ” life peacefully without any pressures “.

12) Can you mention your favourite films ?

My Favourite films include “Rajendra prasad’s AAHANA PELLANTA ” Which is my utmost favourite film. The present quarantine scenes are linked to that film ” Cannot eat non veg and just like what kotasreenivasa rao garu did in that film are applicable now “. Later “Akkineni nagarjuna’s MANMADHUDU ” film i like most of time.

13) Are you foodie ?

I am more foodie than any one expects. ” As this is quarantine time Swiggy owner started to make IP on me as i haven’t keep ordering since long ago ” i used to eat different kind of dishes.

14) After the completion lockdown are you making any films? Do you got any offers in lockdown time ?

Actually there are so many digital films like webseries are offered and presently im doing two webseries which are stopped due to lockdown, after lockdown everything goes again back to work mode and few film offers also there. Awaiting for completion of lockdown so that i can get a clear idea about my further projects.

15) What are your future plans ?

Basically we shouldn’t take so many pressures and everything goes accordingly. ” If i take so much of pressure who will entertain you all ” so enjoy everyday and live every moment.

” At present In digital media my voice and my videos are the most viral one, out of which i made a video on Machu lakshmi’s english grammar and besides that Manchu lakshmi made tiktok with my voice is the best thing and proud moment. The video where ” Its not Corona it CORONA and R should be rolling ” is made by myself. There are at most 10-20K childrens who are eagerly waiting for my videos. With my voice nearly 40k+ people made Tiktok.

Finally i used to say one thing that ” I will entertain everyone irrespective of any classes “.


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