Imran Khan: Will no longer hold talks with India

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

It’s a known fact that Pakistan is unable to digest the fact on India’s revoking the special permissions of Jammu and Kashmir from Article 370 and 35(A).

Now, from the latest update it was known that Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that his country will no longer seek the dialogue with India. Imran further added that they repeatedly rebuffed the peace overtures with India.

Imran said to the NewYork Times as, “There is no point in talking to them (India). I mean, I have done all the talking. Unfortunately, now when I look back, all the overtures that I was making for peace and dialogue, I think they took it for appeasement. There is nothing more that we can do” On to Imran Khan’s statements, India-US ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shringla has turned down his criticism.

The Indo-US ambassador told,”Our experience has been that every time we have taken an initiative toward peace, it has turned out badly for us”. “We expect Pakistan to take credible, irreversible and verifiable action against terrorism,” he further added. However, it has to wait and see how much longer the distance between India and Pakistan will lead to.