Kaala audience review and live updates

Kaala audience review and live updates
Kaala audience review

Kaala audience review: Kaala starring Superstar Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar and Huma Qureshi, helmed by Pa Ranjith and bankrolled by Dhanush under his banner Wunderbar Films, is receiving positive review and rating from  the audiences.

Here are the lives update of Kaala and rating by the audience:

Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess: #Kaala | 1st hlf – Family drama with light political touch. Superstar’s simple intro; superb perf by all d actors. Gud camera, bgm & art work. ‘Zareena – Kaala’ first meet scene & interval block super. Less mass scenes, pretty lengthy! Waiting for Superstar – Nana Patekar clash. #Kaala | 2nd hlf – Full of protest ‘Land is our right’ , Superstar mass is completely missing. Nana Patekar was literally wasted. Dead Old story & Uninteresting screenplay. Expected a Rajini film, but its actually a half baked Pa Ranjith film. ‘Porattam Poraattam..’ Kabali

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth: #Kaala Interval – Best first half of a @rajinikanth movie i have seen in my lifetime!! Tha! – The guts of @beemji to take such a pressing issue and convert it in to one hell of a movie. This @Music_Santhosh – His BGM – Constant goosebumps !! Just so so so happy !! #Kaala – Time for blockbusters to rename as @rajinikanth . This is his lifetime best. This is more than a movie, a peoples movement !!

Kaushik LM‏ @LMKMovieManiac: #Kaala 2nd half top takkar.. Sema #Blockbuster! Podra repeatta! My rating 3.5/5 #Kaala 1st half – Terrific interval block confrontation between Kaala & Hari Dada and the preceding rain fight, leave the crowd in high spirits. #NikkalNikkal #Superstar #Rajinikanth is at his very best compared to all his recent films. Evergreen. Largely unhurried pace!

Ramesh Bala‏ @rameshlaus: #Kaala 1st Half is getting excellent reports from Overseas Premiere shows.. #Kaala 1st Half: #Thalaivar Mass holds it.. Once he takes charge, then it’s fiery all the way.. Rain fight, Confrontation scene with #NanaPatekar – Theatre Therikkudhu.. The family and scenes with @humasqureshi r cute and interesting.. Looking forward to 2nd half

Sachin 2.0 ™‏ @sachinkabali: #kaala till 2 hours is #Baasha 2.0.. Last 45 minutes will decide it will go above it or settle to be equal.. 1st half is enough to shatter all records.. 2nd half is just bonus.. Take care of your eardrums…

TheReelReviewraja‏ @reelreviewsraja : #Kaala First Half very good. Ranjith learned a lot from #Kabali, Lot of goose bumps scenes from fans, bgm score was good, interval scene was terrific. Exact opposite of Kabali Waiting for second half.

Hariharan‏ @HazardousKante: Disappointed personally. #kaala

Ranga Subramaniya‏ @RangaSubramanim: #kaala Positives reviews flooded in First half

Venkataraman‏ @venkataraman178: #Kaala worst than Kabali.. full of caste based politics being portrayed. we want to see our thalaivar in full mass commercial film not with political satire kind of films plz.

KaalaShankar  🏽‏ @kaala_shankar: At interval. #Kaala pakka masssss… #Thalaivar all side sixer. Romance with @humasqureshi lovely. Theater screaming while dealing Hari dada. Rain fight verithanam. @beemji Kablaila vittadhai Kaalala pudichuttar.. Tomorrow everyone going to crazy

bharathnt‏ @bharath1: For all those who said @rajinikanth is BJP’s B team, watch #Kaala. You will change ur mind. A propoganda film which speaks politics all through.First half: fully loaded with superstar’s masssssss presence!! Interval block #kaala

Prabhu  @Cricprabhu: Nothing more than lol for some of the negative reviews on #Kaala. When 8/10 are giving fantastic reviews 2/10 making every effort with spreading a review as fail, shows clearly what’s their agenda and that they are trying hard to make a joke on themselves.