Prakash Raj on Rajinikanth Kaala Ban in Karnataka

Prakash Raj on Rajinikanth Kaala Ban in Karnataka

Prakash Raj, who has been extremely vocal proponent of the Bharaitya Janata Party (BJP) government, has come  in the support of Rajinikanth starrer Kaala.  Prakash Raj raised his voice against activists group banning Kaala in Karnataka.

 All eyes are on upcoming much awaited movie gangster drama  Kaala in which  Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth is playing the lead role.  Kaala, helmed by Pa Ranjith and produced by Dhanush, is scheduled to hit the theaters on 7th June.

Rajinikanth’s comments on the Cauvery issue have hurt some people of Karnataka, and they have been protesting against the release of Kaala.

Recently  Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) had decided to ban the release  of Kaala in Karnataka.  They said  that Rajinikanth’s comments on the Cauvery issue has hurted the sentiments of Kannadigas. Now, Versatile actor Prakash Raj, who is known for his just asking campaign, took to Twitter to condemn the ban on  Rajinikanth and Huma Qureshi starrer Kaala.

Prakash Raj wrote on the wall of Twitter, “What’s film #kaala got to do with Kaveri issue..? why is film fraternity targeted always..? Will Jds/congress government let fringe elements take law into their hands …like bjp did with #Padmavat ..or ..will you step in to assure common man ..his right for choice.#justasking..”

 He again tweeted, “Kaala ACTORS statement has HURT us. Yes.. we need to express it ..BUT HOW?? Is it by hurting people like US who are not responsible for it.. is it by breeding HATRED between two states ..How long will we let FRINGE elements to decide on how WE should protest ..#justasking”

 Prakash Raj again wrote, “Let the film release .. let PEOPLE DECIDE if they want to express their protest by NOT watching the film .. let us get to know if PEOPLE really BELIEVE stopping a film can SOLVE ISSUES .. who are these organisations to BLACKMAIL everyone and decide on our behalf .. #justasking”

Prakash Raj suggested the people that the Cauvery water-sharing issue is a touchy subject for both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and there is need to act practically and not emotionally.   Stopping the release of Kaala, can not solve the problem.

It is heard that the President of Tamil Film Producers Council Vishal and Prakash Raj have initiated talks with the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce regarding the release of Kaala.