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Kaushal Army fires on Nani for insulting Mothers

Kaushal Army fires on Nani for insulting MothersBigg Boss 2 Telugu, is going to end on 30th September. Kaushal Army is very upset with Nani as he is targeting Kaushal in the house. Recently Sunil and Allari Naresh visited Bigg Boss 2  as a part of promotional activities of  their recently released movie Silly Fellows. Nani started a fun game , split all the housemates into two groups and asked them to defend them, while he listened to their arguments. Kaushal Manda was in Sunil’s team and he played the role of the latter’s mother.  During this fun game, Nani asked Kaushal Manda about her bonding with her husband. When Kaushal was explaining, Nani interrupted and asked why she adopted two boys.


Nani: What was the reason behind you adopting those two boys?

Kaushal: The reason for adopting is…

Nani (interrupts): Sparsha workout avvaledha (didn’t you have the sense)

 Though it was the part of fun game but did not go well with few audiences and Kaushal Army.  They are fired on host  Nani who made comedy and insulted the mothers. They are very upset with Nani and demanding apology. Few comments are as follows:

ashokbantu‏ @ashokbantu: @NameisNani u insulted the whole woman in the world .U also have mother ,sisters .Say #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers #NaniIsWorstHostInBBHistory #DisastrousHostNani #DisasterBB2HostNani #DisasterStarNani #NaniUnfitForBB2Host #KaushalArmy #KaushalArmy2KWalkInHyd

Kaushal Army   #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2‏ @kaushalarmy: #Nani_SaySorry2Mothers otherwise you will face this outside

sathish‏ @1sathishprince: @NameisNani Nani : why did you adopt those 2 boys Kaushal : the reason for adopting is .. Nani (interrupts) : Sparsha workout avvaledha ( didn’t you have the sense ) #BiggBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy: #nani_saysorry2mothers

Pennytwist: @NameisNani Nani will not survive in tollywood going forward #KaushalManiaEveryWhere #biggbosstelugu2 #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers

vinuk‏ @vinuk01736901: #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers How can u make such a big joke on mothers mr.nani that too who adopts kids..it doesn’t sound funny..

Sahasra‏ @Sahasra71512509: He has lost his image completely #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers @StarMaa @EndemolShineIND @bigbossTelugu #KaushalArmy

Harish Saaho‏ @HarishSahoo617: Nani say sorry to all mothers .. #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers

Kishore Reddy‏ @Kishore29999098: …. stay away from this shit @NameisNani …..he is a waste fellow……he abused all mothers #Nani_saysorry2mothers .

@Balaji.balu18‏ @Balu18Balaji : Use this hashtag and ask @NameisNani to apologize for the comments he has made on mother’s #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers

Saket‏ @Saket06575543 :#Nani_saysorry2mothers #nameisnani #biggbosstelugu2 #kaushalarmy That joke on mother’s was a blunder Nani garu, you must apologise. It was a joke in bad taste. Apologising in this issue will only make you a better person.

Kaushal Army   #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2‏ @kaushalarmy_: Retweet if you want to beat @NameisNani like this .. as he made comedy on mother’s #BiggBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy #NANI_SaySorry2Mothers


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