Kaushal Manda with Shameless Pradeep Machiraju

Kaushal Manda with Shameless Pradeep Machiraju

Kaushal Manda, the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner of 2018, will be seen today in TV show Pellichoopulu. Star Maa has shared a promo and confirmed this news as the team wrote on twitter, “#BiggBossTelugu2 Winner #Kaushal in #PelliChoopulu Tonight at 10 PM on @StarMaa.” It seems the TV audiences, who are watching PelliChoopulu show are not happy and they are abusing the makers of this show and anchor Pradeep Machiraju, who is readying himself for marriage through the show. According to few, PelliChoopulu is one of the worst show of Star Maa and they also called  Pradeep Machiraju a shameless fellow.  Kollywood actor Arya also tried his luck, but he did not choose his partner. According to few netizens, both Pradeep Machiraju and TV channels are playing with the sentiments of the audience for money.

Few tweets are as follows:

VK‏ @vamsivkrishna: @StarMaa #Pellichupulu i think @impradeepmachi will end up choosing no one as his life patner… Program is really boaring

Dr Devashish Tarra‏ @TarraSpeak : @impradeepmachi didn’t learn anything from the debacle of tamil actor #arya. Hope he and the girls survive the copycat show #PelliChoopulu. Nothing original about Indian TV. #shameless.”

ashokbantu‏ @ashokbantu :@impradeepmachi pls stop #PelliChoopulu program. This is worst of worst programs so far in television history

Sheetal Kiran‏ @itsmepskiran: When r u guys stop telecasting #PelliChoopulu and #laughterchallenge???? Especially #PelliChoopulu

sandeep reddy‏ @sandeepreddy119: @impradeepmachi pls telecast marriage and then first night also.Even begger earn

Vishnu PGN‏ @vishnu_pgn:  more decency than you.#PelliChoopulu

2 greatest stupid shows in the history of TV shows #PelliChoopulu #thegreattelugulaughterchallenge . So lame. Completely stopped watching @StarMaa

QueenVictoria‏ @Vilasini_Reddy: One of the worst show by @StarMaa

 On the other side, Kaushal Army, has once again extending their support to Kaushal Manda. They are expecting the TRP of of PelliChoopulu show will be increased because of the presence of Kaushal Manda. Kaushal Army wrote on Twitter, “ Get Ready @StarMaa To Witness Highest TRP’s Once Again.. @Kaushalmanda Anna Mass #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2 #Pellichoopulu

Pradeep Machiraju is a household name. He has gained popularity by hosting various reality shows, audio launches, the award functions and others, and is considered as the most eligible bachelor of television.