KCR fires on Voters

KCR fires on Voters

KCR, TRS leader and Telangana caretaker chief minister, fired on Voters. He lost his cool and publicly scolded a Voter during a rally in Kagaznagar town in the state, who asked him a question about reservation for Muslims in the state.

After the voter questioned KCR about the promise of 12 % reservation for Muslims, he insisted that the voter sit down, accusing him of creating “tamasha”.

Trying to get the man to sit down, CM KCR said “Baat karte, baitho khamosh baitho. Wohi barah per cent hi bole khamosh baitho baithjao. Tumhare baap ko bolun kya baatein?

KCR asked in Telugu, “Is India your grandfather and father’s estate? This is a democracy. How many days will you be in the power?”

 KCR slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his opposition to reservation for Muslims  saying Modi was afflicted with ‘Hindu-Muslim disease’.

  Telangana Chief Minister KCR added that it was the responsibility of the Central government to give 12 % reservations to minorities and tribals, but both the Congress and BJP (Bhartiya Janatha Party) were silent on this.”

KCR said, “The  people of the country are not matured to take the right decision when it comes to elections.”  He added that  the people vote without thinking and candidates who are unfit get elected and their wishes remain unfulfilled.

 Voting will take place in the state on 7th December whereas the counting of votes is scheduled for 11th December.