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KTR: BJP cannot play Karnataka like dramas in Telangana

KTR Comments
KTR Comments

KTR, Telangana Rashtra Samithi working president and former IT minister under the KCR’s cabinet has been holding the massive following in public with his political strategies and the way he communicates starting from the normal people to delegates.

From past few days, the BJP has been hinting the KCR lead TRS party as their party will come in ruling in future and they will re-write the history of Telangana. On to this, KCR son KTR has strongly responded. KTR said to the BJP that it cannot play Karnataka like politics here in Telangana, as the people of the state do not entertain it.

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He further urged the BJP to keep the divide and rule politics away from the state. Per the reports, KTR said, “The BJP leaders do not want peaceful co-existence of people of all religions. They want to split the community and rule them. Such tactics will not work in Telangana”.

KTR further said, “It is ridiculous that Nadda talked about a scam in Kaleshwaram project. Let him go back to Delhi and find out why central funding agencies had appreciated the project which was completed in a record period of three years.

He should know why the NITI Aayog authorities had appreciated the project. Doesn’t he feel ashamed to make such wild allegations against the TRS government?”

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