Pawan Kalyan: TDP, YCP join hands to damage Jana sena

 Pawan Kalyan: TDP, YCP join hands to damage Jana sena

Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan condemned the allegations of YSRCP and TDP through this social media account. The actor turned politician in a series of tweets lambasted both TDP and YSRCP for their false allegations on Jana Sena. He fired on Ruling TDP and Opposition YCP for allegedly trying to damage the reputation of Jana Sena Party with baseless accusations

Pawan Kalyan is saying that his Jana Sena Party (JSP) is not supporting YCP, TDP, TRS and BJP in upcoming general elections. It is known that Pawan Kalyan campaigned for the Telugu Desam Party – TDP and Bharatiya Janata Party – BJP in the Andhra Pradesh assembly and Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

Each of the TDP,  YCP, TRS and BJP has linked JSP with another party when Pawan Kalyan met the leader of that party.  Finally Pawan Kalyan took to his twitter and made a series of tweet to clear the air.

Pawan Kalyan tweeted, “TDP says JSP is a partner to YCP and BJP ; Now YCP says JSP is a partner to TDP. When I meet Sri KCR in Rajbhavan TDP says I am with YCP & TRS. When you truly work for people you have to face music from all sides.”

Pawan Kalyan continued, “One senior Political observer told me that,both ‘TDP & YCP joined hands to damage the reputation of JSP by constantly planting stories. I wish I could have my paper and TV channel to fight back.

But I am inspired by the path of Late ‘Sri Kanshi Ram’ establishing BSP without any channel and news paper. My Janasainiks are my channels and news papers.

I want people to prepare for more stories as the election dates come nearer.

For all this stories to stop ‘ what they expect me to do is; to support these parties but not be independent.May be ,I am a small pawn in the game of political chess; but established political classes should remember ‘ I am a soldier ’ who’s is willing to fight.



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