Pia Bajpai’s new avatar is too HOT to handle!

Pia-Bajpais-new-avatar-is-too-HOT-to-handle The Ninnu Kalisaka, Backbench Student and Dalam actress Pia Bajpai’s Instagram handle is brimming with eye catching pictures and she is setting the tone for a possible comeback in Tollywood. Despite three of her films not taking the larger cut at the box office, she seems to be positive about making it big in T-town and her confidence speaks all by itself in her pictures.   She is now looking for meaty roles and we hope to see her back soon. Recently she shared her bold pic on Instagram  from her recent photoshoot which is very hot to handle.

 Laal Rang and Mirza Juuliet actress  also needs to work hard on her Bollywood career. And what better way to get everyone’s attention than having a hot photoshoot done. The sexy siren has all the right ingredients to make it big in B-town. She has good looks and great body plus her acting skills too were appreciated in the past.

Just when we think summer can’t get any hotter, Pia Bajpai comes up with something like this and we can’t stop gushing.