Sri Reddy shocking reply to Nani wife Anjana

Sri Reddy shocking reply to Nani wife AnjanaSri Reddy is now targeting Natural Star Nani’s wife Anjana Yelavarthy. Recently Anjana jumped to the defense of her star husband Nani and made a post on her Twitter against Sri Reddy.  Now it was the turn of Sri Reddy and she has given  shocking reply to Anjana via her Facebook Post.

Recently we have reported that Natural star Nani sent a legal notice to controversial  Telugu actress Sri Reddy and  Nani’s wife Anjana  Yelavarthy also came in the support of her hubby Nani.  Anjana took to Twitter to express her frustration.

 Sri Reddy claimed that Nani sexually abused her and dashed her chances of joining  the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Anjana Yelavarthy has dismissed the accusation and she wrote on her Twitter, “This industry has been kind but it troubles me to see that once in a while there comes along someone who puts their publicity ahead of other people’s lives. No1 believes those ridiculous statements anyway. It is abt how little they think before degrading themselves to such levels.”

 Now Sri Reddy is back and the actress has given reply to Nani’s wife Anjana  Yelavarthy. Sri Reddy  wrote on the wall of Facebook, “Hi Misses ..I just found ur post..u r not there in my bed room when ur hus fuc.. d stop commenting..ur hus is an attention seeker not me..what ever I hv name that’s enough..if my husband is very wealthy nd if he has name n fame and If he did wrong,still i wl not take his side..might be I wl not leave him,but compulsory i wl not blame opposite girl..ha ha..i am not a money minded like any other money minded house wives. .i wl try to find how it got happened..just maintain your silence till the end..My side truth is there..karma is there,your husband has to take the punishment..”

Sri Reddy who has been the part of only three movies, rose to fame after stripping to protest casting couch in the Telugu film  industry. Sri Reddy claimed filmmakers gave preference to heroines from other states over local talent.

Nani and  Anjana Yelavarthy tied the knot on 27th October 2012 and they  welcomed a baby boy into their family on 29th March 2017.