Tanish to file defamation case against Kaushal Manda

Tanish to file defamation case against Kaushal Manda

The contestants of the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu seasons- Kaushal Manda and Tanish are back in the news headlines. We have already reported that few days ago,  Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner Kaushal attended a press meet and responded to the allegations made by some of his fans in the Kaushal Army. In a press meet, Kaushal Manda went on to allege that Tanish, TV5 Murthy and Babu Gogineni have joined hands against him. Now Tanish is planning to file defamation case against Kaushal Manda.

On Thursday, in the press meet, Kaushal Manda had taken Tanish Alladi’s name and mentioned that he was being targeted even after leaving controversial Bigg Boss 2 Telugu show. Kaushal also blamed Tanish Alladi over his lost chance to get a film offer for which his ex-fan was supposed to be the producer.

Tanish Alladi appeared on a live show recently and tried to make it clear that he had nothing to do with Kaushal Manda or his fan brigade.

Meanwhile, TV Anchor Murthy and Tanish Alladi have reportedly come up with an open challenge against Bigg Boss 2 Winner.  Anchor Murthy has challenged Kaushal for an open debate and he has also mentioned that if he proves that the recent allegations are wrong he would quit his journalism career.

 On the other side Tanish said that he is also planning to file a defamation case against Manda. Tanish said, “After the exit from Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, I never spoke a single word against Kaushal Manda. Don’t know why he is targeting me.” He added, “I am going to proceed with legal notices against Kaushal.”

According to few,  Kaushal Manda is bringing Tanish Alladi, Babu Gogineni, and a few others into these issues to defend himself.

It is known news that Kaushal had a clash with Tanish Alladi and Babu Gogineni many times during the reality show Bigg Boss 2.