YS Jagan in search of troubleshooters

YS Jagan
YS Jagan

Though it’s just been a couple of months YS Jagan started his ruling in AP, the waves of severe aggression and uncertainty in the ruling have been started.

The issues that locked the legs of YSRCP are sudden halt of Polavaram and capital construction work, cancellation of the existing tenders, inviting fresh tenders, war with the Centre over the cancellation of PPAs, failure in the Disaster Management in floods in the capital region, losing the investments to other states and a few other issues too.

All these have not only gave the opposition a chance but also made them corner the YSRCP on Jagan administration. Because of the issues in Jagan administration, local and even national media has been pointing the Jagan. Now, close sources of YCP are spilling the beans that Jagan is keenly in search for the troubleshooters within the party.

It was also known that appointed Devulapalli Amar to handle national media and now he is keen on looking for the troubleshooters who can backfire at the opposition. This is a good time for the YCP politicians to utilize the chance a become good in the Jagan looks.