YS Jagan’s first step towards liquor ban?

ys jagan
ys jagan

During the time of elections, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised the people that he would be banning the liquor in the state, once he comes into power. And it seems like, Jagan has taken the first step towards the liquor ban.

Currently, Andhra Pradesh government is gearing up to venture a new excise policy sometime in October month.

AP government is planning to hold the functioning of wine shops in the state after 6 PM. This means wine shops will only run till 6 PM in the evening. As it is a known fact that most of the business begins after 6 PM and it seems like this is a part of a strategy by the government to completely wipe off the alcohol in the state.

There is a risk hidden here, as most of the revenue is generated through the liquor and banning it completely may cause the govt to lose whopping figures of the revenue.

Secondly, the government is planning to make the wine shops to run on its own rather than handing over to the private persons. However, this needs a few more thoughts and it is yet to be finalized.