BJP asks to move trust vote in Assembly

yeddyurappa kumaraswamy
yeddyurappa and kumaraswamy

There is blowing massive air of uncertainty on the political crisis happening in Karnataka government. Now, the saffron party which is happy with the situation in the state has dared to move the confidence motion in the state assembly asking Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy to prove his shaky government situation.

On speaking to the media opposition BJP leader B.S. Yeddyurappa said, “Since Kumaraswamy himself offered to seek a trust vote and no business could be conducted in the House without proving he has a majority, he should request the Speaker to allow him to move it on Monday when the session resumes”.

Spokesperson of BJP say, If 16 MLA’s inclusive of 13 Congress from Congress and three from JD-S aren’t present in the house while the no-confidence motion is moved, then the party will be defeated easily with the less strength of 100 (65+34+1), including the BSP but excluding the Speaker as against 107 of ours.

Even though the Congress is trying to woo the left legislators, seems to be there is no use. However, it has to wait and see how the situations are going to be if, speaker accepts the trust vote.