Ram Gopal Varma comments on P Chidambaram arrest

Ram Gopal Varma And P Chidambaram
Ram Gopal Varma And P Chidambaram

Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV has made comments on the former union finance minister P Chidambaram, who has been arrested by CBI. Ram Gopal Varma took to his twitter and wrote. “Chidambaram Arrest is a true demonstration of democracy ..What can be a bigger irony,that he’s in custody at CBI headquarters which he himself inaugurated when he was Home Minister ..MODI’s INDIA is again and again proving that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.” Now Chidambaram’ followers are trolling Ram Gopal Varma on Twitter. Few comments are as follows:

Srinvasulu: Mr RGV do u know what’s , those who joined BJP law will not pertain them, like cm ramesh, Susana choudhury,

Krishna Chandu: May be you don’t know about Amit Shah. He himself and his son should be behind bar. But CBI, ED doesn’t have spine to investigate them. Because the democracy what you just spell was juz a word in new India. Current Central govt never respected democracy. Learn the truth rgv

Special Category Status of AP: Do you or the CBI or Modi or Amitabh know the reason for the arrest? What is in the FIR? Why no charge sheets?

Samuel: Any words on Yedyurappa and Gali Janardhan ? Why cases on TDP MP’s got into darkness once they joined BJP ?

Break Free: Chidambaram is out of power and out of favor. He was untouchable when in power. Just as those in power now are. There’s no shortage of gangsters and corruptocrats in the latter, or are you not aware of the obvious?