Rebuilding assembly: KCR to face a huge wave of opposition

Rebuilding assembly: KCR to face a huge wave of opposition

It seems like Telangana CM KCR has turned up the heat with his plan to build the assembly. In knowing the details, CM KCR wants to construct new secretariat and assembly with the humongous budget of Rs 500 crore. This has agitated all the opposition parties and people to fire on him. Now, it looks like all the anti-KCR people has patched their hands to fight against the idea of KCR.

It was known that almost all the opposition leaders gathered under one roof which was hosted by former MP G Vivek under his Venkataswami foundation to make the situation severe against the assembly re-building idea of KCR.

Speaking onto this Professor Kodandaram said, TRS government hasn’t come up with the proper reason for demolishing the old building and constructing the new. Just for the sake of Vaastu, one shouldn’t go for this decision and he further urged all the activists to collaborate and agitate against KCR’s stupid idea.

Former MP Vivek made a demand that KCR should take back his decision. He said,  “Not just me, many social activists have filed cases in the court and until the government takes back its decision, we will continue to fight and agitate. A lot of public money will go waste with new construction and I appeal to the Governor to take appropriate action against TRS government”