STARS  LUCK – Raashi Phalithalu – August – 2019

STARS LUCK - Raashi Phalithalu - August - 2019
STARS LUCK – Raashi Phalithalu – August – 2019

Raashi Phalithalu

( STARS  LUCK ) (August – 2019)

Planetary Positions  (August – 2019)

Saturn:  in  Dhanussu (  Sagittarius )  Raashi,
Rahu:  in   Mithuna (Gemini)  Raashi,
Ketu:  in  Dhanussu  ( Sagittarius) Raashi,
Jupiter:  in   Vrushchika (Scorpio ) Raashi, 
Sun: Till   17th-August,  In  Karnataka( Cancer )  Raashi,   Later  Enter   into  Simha   (Leo ) Rashi,
Mercury:  (This month in Vakra – Stage )    ( 30th July to 3rd   August,    in  Mithuna) and Enter into Karnataka, and  26th  August, Enters into Simha (Leo)
Venus: (At  Maudyami  Stage )  (till 18th August,   in  Karnataka Rashi, ) Later enter into Leo.
Kuja (Mars):  in Karkata Rashi till 8th  August, later enters into  (Leo)  Simha  Rashi.

ARIES:  results in neglect of the ego,  some help can not be forgotten,   no matter how difficult,  it is worthwhile to plan the important tasks after the first ten days of the month. overall The month r  very  Favour.              

Durga Devi should be worshipped with care and get the result.
Lucky Number:  3, 1.
Favour Colour:  Yellow

TAURUS: Mentally  upbeat,  start  with  good  planning,  cause problems  (need to understand)  Confusion  has  problems, decide  on  Revenue,  benefit   from a  well  thought out  way of thinking  Key  Affairs  Deferred  Clearly  not,  care must  be taken  sooner  rather  than that  it should  bother  you  by  the impact  of  the  errors,

Ashtalakshmi Devi is worshipped

Lucky Number:  6, 3.

Favour Colour:  White

GEMINI:   Don’t worry unnecessarily, there are many problems if you don’t take care of your own work.   Don’t waste ur time, stop much talking,   avoid (Chanchal bhav ) flow thoughts, job- Business matters r Favour, The month second of the week its very Favour changes are there for you, Worship,  which results in good labour the. Your Love Goddess Pooja – Smarana – Listening May do Favour.

Lucky Number:  8,

Favour Colour:  blue.

CANCER ( Karnataka ):   Requests should be made in terms of Revenue,  in some cases should not be hasty decisions.  You have not forgotten some good, first of the month may with some mixed results, later its Favour, your anger should keep in limits its must. Forget The month-end week, it’s not favour, practice positive way of  Thinking in your daily life.

Worship:  Sri Subramanya Swamy

Lucky  Number:  3, 2,

Favour  Colour:  Red.

( LEO – Simha):  Discuss  the  key  issues,   which  are  worthy of consideration,   are those  that  have  to  do with  Venus  Phase-internals,   compensate,  be careful  not  to be  disturbed  by some extreme  conditions,     postpone  important  work  in the last  week  of  this month,    some  important  decisions  to be implemented   after  the second  week  of  the  month,           fickle  thoughts,  unnecessary  affairs  Manny own work hours care,   and  care  for,  by  and  get  a good  result,worship: Sri Rama smarana  worship – in sound, yogadayakamu By all accounts,

Lucky Number:  9, 3,

Favour Colour:  Yellow.

( VIRGO – Kanya ): There are  unnecessary  ego,  negligence issues,  some (mistakes)  should  be taken  care of,  own affairs carefully,  (fickle) thoughts,  do not make hasty  decisions,  make important  decisions  on  the return of money,  some do not forget,  Important  tasks  have to be postponed,  since the second  week  of  the month  is worthwhile  and  profitable , who is  the  enemy of  all  friends  should  know  and carry out the tasks ,  Overall,   this month is good, to be worshipped:  Anuman  should  listen carefully  to Sundarakanda,

Lucky Number: 1, 5,

Favour:  Colour  Red.

( LIBRA- Tula ):  Some help, the advice is very worthwhile,  you should not forget.  Don’t  rush,  create problems,  With good planning, as a  planner,  for whom  own  jataka Stars transit of Shukra Dasha -and Anterdasha, They must do  personally some Remedies,  the month  second of is Favour, avoid  the same  mistakes in your day to day Life,  be  planed  and very clarity is  must.

To worship Lakshmi Devi,

Lucky Number, 8, 3,

Favour of colour, yellow, blue.

(SCORPIO – Vrushika):   Careful planning, not negligence in financial and personal affairs,  should be avoided by some fickle thinking disturbance.   Affairs  are good,  important business  decisions  must be  postponed,    At  the  end  of  the month  the profession and business matters should be carefully handled  as the Varial,

Worship, Maha Sivaradhana is great,

lucky number; 3, 9,

Favour Colour Yellow,

(SAGITTARIUS  -Danussu): Maintain affairs in the second week,  this is the right time to implement the daily changes and other planning issues.   Avoiding unnecessary people.  If worthy,

 Worship:  Laxmi Devi, Smyrna,  Listening, Pooja,  Making Good

 Lucky  Number:  3, 1.

 Favour Colour:  Red, Yellow.

( CAPRICORN- Makara ): The problem should be solved with ego rather than with ego.   Will be,  painstakingly  Litanni get, put  on  the most  important  affairs  of the deferred benefit,

 Worship: Worship,  Durgamalleswaras  are  all ways do favour,

Lucky number; 3,

Favour Colour: Red, Yellow.

( AQUARIUS- Kumba ): Only by trying diligently and diligently will we be able to achieve good results.   With (grace) e Turrell  should  understand  and help,   as is the case from the second  week  of this  month,    who should know who the enemy is,

Worship:  Make  your favourite deity  and  Sun worship

Lucky number; 9, 3,

Favour Colour; yellow

(PIECES- Meena): Secret Enemies should be identified and alerted early,  this is the time when you need to put your own work in order to help unnecessary people and things,  this month is good.   Follow your financial  returns  with good planning  Lally,  at the end of this month to postpone the proceedings,

Worship: Sri Subramanyam Swami should be worshipped, remembered, and even heard by the Lord. Will be,

Lucky Number: 3, 1. Favour Colour, Yellow

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