Amit Shah makes sensational comments on Telangana ruling

amit shah
amit shah

It’s known fact that BJP is holding the leadership in the centre and it is also making desperate attempts to get a stronghold in all the states and set the flag there. According to the latest update, we hear that Union Home Minister and BJP’s National President Amit Shah has made some sensational comments on Telangana ruling. He made the comments saying the next ruling in the Telangana would be of BJP.

He made this comment in a closed-door meeting with the BJP’s Telangana leaders who met him along with Rajya Sabha MP Garikapati Mohan Rao. Shah has asked all the leaders to work towards forming a government with a clean sweep for the next assembly elections.

In the meantime, on the occasion of Telangana Liberation Day, September 17th against Nizam’s rule,  Amit Shah would be attending a public meeting in Telangana for which a thumping amount of people are expected to gather. It is also clearly understood from the sources that rally is planned to conduct in Nizamabad where the BJP recently had a victory in winning the parliamentary seat.

It seems like Amit Shah has a clear cut plan and zeal in acquiring the CM position in Telangana state.