Congress tension: 50 MLA’s are in talks with BJP

Girish Mahajan
Girish Mahajan

Yesterday, senior BJP leader and Maharashtra Water Resources Minister, Girish Mahajan has made some statements which is leading to tension in Congress and NCP. He commented saying, at least of 50 MLA’s of Congress and NCP talk with BJP and will join them soon. Mahajan’s comments seemed to be the backdrop of a chain of leaders from Sharad Pawar-led NCP deserting their parent party in recent past.

Senior BJP leader said, “Some of the 50 MLAs of Congress and NCP are in touch with the BJP. In name, Senior NCP leader Chitra Wagh had expressed her interest in patching with join BJP a month back, claiming she had no future left in her parent party. The MLAs are requesting that they wanted to join the BJP ahead of the assembly elections…Congress is in the shambles and in the next couple of weeks, the NCP will look weaker”.

Mahajan has turned down the Sharad Pawar’s allegations on BJP saying the party is simply misusing the government agencies against the Congress leaders and NCP. He said, “Pawar is speaking in a biased manner as to cover up their party and his own political failure. Neither we threatened anyone nor pressurized any leader”.

He further defended the raids happened on the NCP leader and former minister Hasan Mushrif, were completely legal and there is no political vengeance on it. There has also been a rumor that NCP leader Ganesh Naik is all set to join BJP.